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Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe

Creating Healthy Organizations Graham's new book describes how to strengthen the links between people and performance.

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How employers can improve employees health and productivity.

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A good job is hard to find (May. 1 '00)
by Graham S. Lowe
The people rhetoric of the 'Alberta Advantage' is weak in practice. Needed is a more human resource-intensive economic developement strategy in the province of Alberta. This means creating workplaces where learning, innovation and skill can more…
A proper welcome (Jul. 17 '06)
by Graham Lowe
This article provides advice on how managers can welcome new employees, so they become connected to the organization's values and culture.
Acquisition of employability skills by high school students (Mar. 1 '02)
by Harvey Krahn, Graham S. Lowe, and Wolfgang Lehmann
Much of the debate about enhancing the employability skills of Canadian youth is premised on untested assumptions. This paper examines Alberta high school students' self-reports of the employability skills they have acquired in high school courses,…
Are you ready to tap older workers' talents? (Feb. 27 '06)
by Graham S. Lowe
This is the second of a two-part series on older employees that was published in the Canadian HR Reporter on February 27, 2006.
Building collaborative labour relations in government workplaces (Jun. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe
The scale and complexity of change in governments demands a collaborative approach that taps into all available knowledge and expertise. Employees need a more active role in designing and implementing change strategies at the workplace level. This…
Building Healthy and Sustainable Health Care Organizations (Dec. 10 '10)
by Graham Lowe
This article outlines how health care employers can be leaders in creating healthy, humanly sustainable organizations. Doing so will benefit patients, employees and physicians, and society.
Building healthy organizations takes more than wellness programs (Sep. 8 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
This article lays out the ingredients of a healthy organization, how this is a step beyond 'workplace healthy promotion', and the change strategies required to get there.
Control Over Time and Work–Life Balance: (Jun. 21 '07)
by Graham Lowe
This report was prepared for the Federal Labour Standards Review Committee. It examines the research and relevant Canadian empirical evidence on work schedules, work time and work–life balance. It assesses trends and current practices in…
Correlates of employees' perceptions of a healthy work environment (Sep. 9 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe, Grant Schellenberg, and Harry S. Shannon
This study analyzed correlates of workers' perceptions of the extent to which their work environment is healthy, and how these perceptions influence job satisfaction, employee commitment, workplace morale, absenteeism and intent to quit. The study…
Creating a Vibrant Workplace (Jan. 15 '11)
by Graham Lowe
This article describes 5 principles HR professionals can follow to build the foundations for sustainable success. A sustainable organization succeeds by renewing and replenishing its human and social capital.
Employee assistance professionals' role in creating healthy, productive organizations (Jun. 15 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
Underlying workplace conditions have a much greater impact on employees' productivity and health than individual behaviour. Employee assistance professionals can help redefine workplace health as a strategic issue that affects corporate costs and…
Employees' basic value proposition: Strong HR strategies must address work values (Jun. 15 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe and Grant Schellenberg
Today's skill needs and tomorrow's baby-boomer retirements are motivating employers to act strategically about recruitment and retention. Too often, however, the goal of a resilient and committed workforce is expressed in vague terms, like becoming…
Employment relationships as the centrepiece of a new labour policy paradigm (Mar. 1 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
This paper examines changes in employment relationships in Canada during the late 20th century. Despite well documented transformations in labour market structures and work contexts, we are only now grasping the significance of these trends for the…
Getting a grip on stress (Jun. 10 '08)
by Graham Lowe
Work stress often gets labelled a 21st century epidemic. However, increased employer attention on creating healthier work environments may be helping to get stress under control.There’s only one way to know whether the stress landscape is…
Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Summit 2012 (Sep. 27 '12)

Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Summit 2012, Victoria, September 26-29, 2012. Graham Lowe will participate in a panel discussion on "Diagnosing a Healthy Campus Community." Summit 2012 is a unique opportunity to design a shared vision for campus…
Healthy Organizations Inspire Learning and Collaboration (Nov. 29 '10)
by Graham Lowe
Feature article in Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) September 29, 2010, newsletter. For more information on CSTD:
Here in body, absent in productivity (Dec. 2 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Presenteeism hurts output, quality of work-life and employee health. Absenteeism has caught the attention of many employers. It’s on the rise, costly, and one of the most widely measured indicators of a healthy organization.
High trust workplaces support service excellence (Oct. 15 '06)
by Graham Lowe
This article exlpores the relationship between high-trust work environments in government and the goals of service excellence.
High-quality healthcare workplaces: A vision and action plan (Aug. 1 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Looking into a future marked by intense competition for talent, growing numbers of employers are striving to create “workplaces of choice.” Yet, despite the consensus that health human resources are a vital piece of the healthcare reform…
How Employee Engagement Matters for Hospital Performance (Jun. 11 '12)
by Graham Lowe
Managers increasingly understand that employee engagement is a prerequisite for high performance. This article examines how job, work environment, management and organizational factors influence levels of engagement among healthcare employees.…
How governments can become employers of choice (Mar. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe
Governments want to become 'employers of choice'. Many are striving to be more flexible, knowledge-intensive and learning-based. Reaching these goals requires nothing short of bold new ways of organizing, managing, supporting and rewarding people.
How hospitals become great places to work (Sep. 28 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
This article describes the cultural practices of 7 hospitals on Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For in America" list.
How many injured workers do not file claims for workers' compensation benefits? (Oct. 1 '02)
by harry S. Shannon and Graham S. Lowe
Anecdotal evidence suggests that some injured workers do not file for workers' compensation claims. This article provides evidence of this under-reporting, based on a national survey of Canadian workers. Forty percent of workers who had experienced…
How work environment metrics can improve health-care performance (May. 18 '12)
by Graham Lowe
Metrics matter. The biggest gap in measuring the performance of healthcare organizations is the quality of the work environment. This article makes the case for a common, national framework for measuring and reporting healthcare work environments.
Inclusive wellness (Sep. 30 '08)
by Graham Lowe
To achieve a national healthy workplace agenda, health promotion efforts and resources must be directed to employers of all sizes.
Ingredients of successful workplace wellness programs (May. 30 '14)
by Graham Lowe
This article summarizes what occupational health nurses need to know about the ingredients of successful workplace wellness programs, based on the latest research evidence.
It pays to treat the worker well (May. 19 '00)
by Graham S. Lowe
Response to the Business Council on National Issues statement on competitiveness, arguing that quality workplaces are critical to this agenda.
It's a matter of trust (Mar. 1 '07)
by Graham Lowe
This article discusses the key to building a trust-based corporate culture.
Job Quality: The Missing Link Between School and Work (Mar. 17 '99)
by Graham S. Lowe
The litmus test for a "knowledge economy" is how well students make the school to work transition. Even if schools, technical institutes, colleges and universities meet rigorous standards of excellence fulfilling their mandates – as…
Leading the way to inclusive and healthy school communities (Nov. 21 '16)
by Graham Lowe
Discusses how educational leaders can better contribute to creating healthy and inclusive school communities by cultivating resilience, personal wellbeing and transformational leadership in their roles.
Leveraging the skills of knowledge workers (Jul. 1 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Across the industrialized world, governments have adopted a human resource-based model of economic development. Enabling citizens to acquire knowledge, skills and education is a necessary but no longer sufficient condition for economic success.…
Mapping a healthy change trajectory (Aug. 13 '10)
by Graham Lowe
This article in the August 9, 2010, issue of Canadian HR Reporter describes 5 principles to guide the development and implementation of healthy organizational change.
Mindful Wellness - Benefits Canada's Healthy Outcomes Conference (Oct. 27 '14)
by Brenda Bouw
Benefits Canada's overview of its 2014 Healthy Outcomes Conference, published in the September 2014 issue. The special feature provides summaries of Graham Lowe's talk, 'Maximizing wellbeing and performance' and the workshop he led on 'Linking…
Organizational Connectivity (May. 28 '13)
by Hugh MacLeod and Graham Lowe
“Organizational Connectivity.” A conversation about the importance of building new relationships across all levels of the healthcare system. Hugh MacLeod (CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute) and Graham Lowe. Longwood’s Ghost Busting…
Organizing the next generation: influences on young workers' willingness to join unions (Jun. 1 '00)
by Graham S. Lowe and Sandra Rastin
This paper argues that union attitudes and behaviour are important but neglected features of the school–work transition process. Using longitudinal panel data from a study of high school and university graduates in three Canadian cities, we…
Physician engagement and outstanding care (Dec. 19 '12)
by Graham Lowe
This article makes the case for expanding the focus of workforce engagement initiatives to actively include physicians. Without fully engaged physicians, no healthcare organization will be able to achieve its vision of providing outstanding care.
Raising the Bar for People Practices: Helping All Health Organizations Become “Preferred Employers” (Jan. 24 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
This article outlines how professional, employer, industry and government organizations across Canada can collaborate to raise the bar for human resource practices and the quality of work life in Canada's health care organizations. Published in…
Rethinking contingent work (Sep. 1 '99)
by Graham S. Lowe
Contingent work now encompasses more than one in five workers. It is time to move beyond describing the details of this trend by proving the changes it signals in employment relationships. This paper examines the implications of contingent work for…
Retiring baby boomers open to options, but get them before they leave. (Mar. 10 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
Now is the time to rethink retirement, so that workforce renewal is orderly, planned and responsive to the needs of people and organizations.
Surveying the 'post-industrial' landscape: information technologies and labour market polarization in Canada (Jan. 1 '00)
by Karen D. Hughes and Graham S. Lowe
A key issue in recent debates over the impact of new technologies on work is the polarization of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ jobs within the ‘post-industrial’ economy. Two dimensions skill andearnings have been of central…
Ten Guiding Principles for Healthy Organizations (Mar. 27 '15)
by Graham Lowe
One-page summary of key action principles for making your organization healthier.
The dollars and sense of health promotion (Sep. 23 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Expect to hear a lot more about workplace health in the near future. Skyrocketing public and private health-care costs will almost certainly increase calls for workplaces to be used as venues for health promotion.
The language of productivity is the language of workplace health (Dec. 6 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
The same workplace practices that lead to increased employee health also lead to greater productivity and performance. A healthy work environment is the precondition for generating skills and knowledge, collaborative relationships, change readiness,…
The quality of work features prominently in Europe's plans for competitiveness (May. 19 '03)
by Graham Lowe
The European Union's goal of becoming the world's most competitive knowledge-based economy by 2010 will depend, in part, on achieving its ambitious goals for improving the overall quality of jobs.
The role of healthcare work environments in shaping a safety culture (Apr. 7 '08)
by Graham Lowe
Graham Lowe's feature article in the current issue of Healthcare Quarterly examines the role of healthcare work-environment factors in creating a culture of safety. In the first study of its kind undertaken in Canada, Lowe uses survey evidence…
The yin and yang of change (May. 14 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
The key to a better workplace is achieving balance between the structural and cultural forces at play.
Thiving Through Change in the Workplace (May. 4 '11)
by Graham Lowe
Graham Lowe's video on workplace change is available from LifeSpeak as part of their LifeSpeak On Demand video series. See:
Trust can ease the stress (Oct. 22 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
This article argues that healthy workplaces start with healthy work relationships. It also provides guiding principles for creating healthy workplaces.
Trust is tops (Apr. 10 '06)
by Graham Lowe
This article is part of a feature in Canadian Business magazine on the first annual Best Workplaces in Canada. It describes the steps managers can take to build high-trust, high-performing organiztional cultures.
Universities as healthy work environments (Nov. 4 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
Like any knolwedge-based, high-performing organization in the private sector, a university must strive for excellence in its people practices, embedding these goals within its overall business plan.
Using common work environment metrics to improve performance in healthcare organizations (Aug. 13 '10)
by Graham Lowe and Ben Chan
This article proposes a comprehensive framework for assessing, reporting and improving the quality of work environments in healthcare organizations across Canada. Healthy work environments (HWE) contribute to positive outcomes for healthcare…
Want to reach staff? Tell them a story (Sep. 12 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
Best workplaces have a corporate culture of open and honest communication.
What work should be (Mar. 1 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Canadians want quality. We want quality time with our loved-ones, quality consumer products, and quality service as customers. What about the quality of work?
What workers want: It's time to raise the bar (Sep. 4 '07)
by Graham Lowe
Op-ed article by Graham Lowe on 21st century job quality, published in the on-line edition of the Globe and Mail newspaper (
Work aspirations and attitudes in an era of labour market restructuring: a comparison of two Canadian cohorts (Mar. 1 '00)
by Graham S. Lowe and Harvey Krahn
This article tests the assumption that youth's work attitudes are changing to reflect the restructured labour markets that often are taken as a characteristic of late-modernity. Comparing 1985 and 1996 cohorts of high school leavers in a Canadian…
Work force singing a new kind of blues (Mar. 1 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
The old industrial era was stressful for workers. Factories churning out endless consumer products were built around assembly line jobs, which were physically taxing and mind-numbingly boring. In today's global knowledge economy, robots or workers…