Lessons from a Decade of Progress on Workplace Mental Health

Lessons from a Decade of Progress on Workplace Mental Health

Read my blog on workplace mental health at the SANDBOX, Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan’s (ASEBP) blog site. This site features blogs with ideas for promoting employee wellness in Alberta’s schools and school jurisdictions — and beyond. To quote the site: “The Sandbox stands out as the comprehensive support system for workplace wellness champions in the K-12 education system in Alberta.”

Are Hospital Employees’ Work Experience and Patient Experience Related?

Are Hospital Employees’ Work Experience and Patient Experience Related? by Graham Lowe
The more engaged employees are, the more positively they rate their hospital as a place to work, the more they trust their organization, the higher the perceived quality of patient care delivered by their unit, and the more they consider their work environment to be ‘patient centred’, the more likely it is that inpatients would recommend the hospital to family or friends and highly rate the quality of care they received.

Longwoods eLetter October 24, 2017

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Organizational Connectivity

: Organizational Connectivity. A conversation about the importance of building new relationships across all levels of the healthcare system. Hugh MacLeod (CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute) and Graham Lowe. Longwood’s Ghost Busting Essays Series on Longwoods.com. http://www.longwoods.com/content/23370

Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Summit 2012

Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Summit 2012, Victoria, September 26-29, 2012. Graham Lowe will participate in a panel discussion on “Diagnosing a Healthy Campus Community.”

Summit 2012 is a unique opportunity to design a shared vision for campus communities that support well-being and to identify methods to get there. Building upon four years of growth and learning, we plan to create a space to come together to learn about, share and advance strategic efforts to promote mental health and reduce risky substance use at post-secondary institutions.

Using a mix of creative techniques this event will facilitate knowledge exchange, collaborative thinking and innovation. Leading thinkers will help animate critical discussions related to policy, teaching, student services and campus life. Delegates will examine issues, sustainable solutions and actions to support health-promoting, vibrant campus communities that enable people to reach their full potential.
For more information: www.healthycampuses.ca/summit-2012-program