Gaming the Hospital for High Quality Patient Care – SXSW Panel

SXSW Interactive, Austin Texas. 15 March 2015
Panel on : Gaming the Hospital for High Quality Patient Care
Hospitals in the US are in crisis. Pressure and stress threaten to create disengaged hospital workers an unsettling prospect that can be dangerous to patients. Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act ushered in a shift to value-based purchasing, which ties payer dollars to quality of patient care. To ensure high-quality patient experiences, an outcome dependent on the dedication, skill and compassion of healthcare workers, interactive gaming may aid hospitals seeking to improve employee engagement.
In this panel we’ll discuss the opportunity for gamification to boost hospital staff engagement, which improves when employees believe their hospital truly values quality care and have clear, measurable goals allowing them to understand how their performance drives hospital success. Interactive platforms enabling real-time evaluation and game mechanics that engage employees with friendly competition can solve problems in the hospital workplace related to high stress and low sense of community.
Presenters: Clint Carlos, CEO & Founder, AMPT Health (Gear Five Studio); Graham Lowe, President, Graham Lowe Group; Paula van de Nes, Director of Medical Strategy, LLNS

Making Your Workplace Psychologically Healthy and Safe

Graham Lowe’s presentation at the BCHRMA Breakfast Roundtable, Kelowna
February 19th, 2014
Workplace expert Graham Lowe will review the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, introduced in 2013 by the Canadian Standards Association and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Graham will outline how the Standard can be a useful tool for BC employers, especially given the new WorkSafeBC policies aimed at preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace. The presentation will cover the following issues:
1. The benefits of psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.
2. The research and legal background for developing the Standard.
3. The practical implications of adopting or not adopting the Standard.
4. Key elements of the Standard.
5. Assessing your policies, programs and practices for alignment with the Standard.
6. The role of managers, employees and unions in implementing and monitoring the Standard.
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How Work Environment Metrics Can Improve Healthcare Performance

Presentation by Graham Lowe, to the Health System Performance Research Network, University of Toronto. 17 March 2010
This presentation outlines a comprehensive framework for assessing, reporting and improving the quality of work environments in healthcare organizations in Ontario and across Canada. Drawing on evidence showing that healthy work environments (HWE) contribute to positive outcomes for healthcare employees and physicians, the same HWE ingredients also can reduce operating costs, improve human resource utilization, and ultimately support higher quality patient care. The presentation offers a blueprint for how health system employers, governments, quality agencies and professional associations can implement cost-effective and sustainable HWE metrics. A common measurement tool and reporting framework will enable managers and policy makers to use HWE ingredients as levers to improve organizational performance. The benefits flowing from a common healthy work-environment measurement and reporting system should convince stakeholders to reach consensus on HWE metrics and overcome the pitfalls of : indicator-itis that beset other health system performance metrics. Moving down this path requires the active involvement of stakeholders in developing a core set of common metrics, integrating these metrics into existing measurement and reporting systems, building in managerial accountability for work environment quality, and supporting on-going improvements at the front-lines of care and service delivery.
HSPRN presentation

Job quality: What is it, why does it matter, and how can it be improved?

Plenary presentation by Graham Lowe at the Institute for Work & Health.
9:30 – 10:45 a.m. November 17, 2009. Institute for Work & Health, 481 University Avenue, Suite 800, Toronto (Directions).
To confirm your attendance, please RSVP to Lyudmila Mansurova ( or 416-927-2027 ext. 2137).
Job quality: What is it, why does it matter, and how can it be improved?
This presentation examines the diverse theories, concepts and practices that address the quality of jobs, work environments and individuals’ work experiences. On this broad canvas, we can identify points of convergence around key sets of determinants and outcomes. However, a common conceptual vocabulary is lacking, which impedes cross-fertilization across disciplines and between researchers and practitioners. The most promising opportunity for an integrated approach is around the connection between work environments, employee well-being and organizational performance. Practitioners and policy-makers need a basic model explaining these complex dynamics. By taking up this challenge, researchers would help ensure that future decisions to improve job quality are informed by evidence.
IWH plenary presentation

Strategies to Strengthen the People, Performance, and Quality Chain

Session presentation by Graham Lowe at Health Achieve 2009. Tuesday November 17 2009 – 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 205 D
Rob Devitt
President & CEO
Toronto East General Hospital
Achieving High Quality, Performance and Engagement
Evidence shows there is a direct link between effective health care and a healthy health care workplace. Implementing healthy work environments is key to ensuring quality patient care.
Dr. Graham Lowe will discuss how innovation and sustainability in health care depend on better leveraging the dynamics of quality in all components of the system – especially work environments. Drawing on evidence and successful practices, Graham presents strategies to strengthen the people performance-quality chain .
In addition, OHA Organizational and Workplace Health Consultant, Cheryl Woodman will overview the new OHA-NRC Picker Canada employee and physician experience surveys.
Finally, a panel of health care work environment leaders will highlight their strategies to improve quality, performance and engagement at their organizations.
Welcome and Opening
Rob Devitt
Strategies to Strengthen the People, Performance, and Quality Chain
Dr. Graham Lowe
The Graham Lowe Group Inc.
and Professor Emeritus
University of Alberta
New! OHA – NRC Picker Employee and Physician Experience Program
Cheryl Woodman
OHA Organizational Health
Quality and Quality Measurement in the Health Care Workplace
Siamak Tenzif
Quality Measurement Consultant
Ontario Health Quality Council
Feedback and Questions
Adjournment/View Exhibits
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