Health Work & Wellness™ Conference 2008

Health Work & Wellness™ Conference 2008
Moving Forward… Giving Back
October 15th – 18th, 2008
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
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Successful organizations have a few things in common – healthy work cultures, healthy communication, healthy people strategies … and a healthy organizational footprint — from the design of their offices, to developing green spaces, to addressing transportation issues. They take corporate social responsibility seriously and give back in a meaningful way to their communities so that those who work for them can be proud. Success is being redefined. Employees and even shareholders are demanding it. A new breed of organization is emerging – one that understands that profitability and giving back go hand in hand. At a time when retention and recruitment are paramount to global competitiveness, building a sustainable workplace that will leave a legacy becomes crucial

How Great Workplaces Create Values-Based Cultures

Keynote by Graham Lowe at AgriVision 2007 Conference. Alberta Department of Agriculture annual employee conference, Edmonton, Jaunary 16-17, 2007.

Great workplaces inspire employees. They do this by embedding strong people values in their culture and building high-trust relationships across the organization. Dr. Lowe will help us to understand how Alberta Agriculture’s values and vision point the way to great workplaces. Drawing on the cultural practices of organizations on the Great Place to Work® Institute’s ‘best workplaces’ lists in Canada, the US and 28 other countries, he will challenge each of us to take responsibility for living the values of a trusting and supportive culture. This will pay off in terms of an exceptional work environment in which employees are able to provide outstanding public services.

Riding the Age Wave: Designing People Strategies for an Aging Workforce

The aging workforce and retirement of the Baby Boom Generation has been on the radar screen of senior managers for the last decade. Yet despite knowing this age wave is coming, relatively few organizations are ready to respond with creative human resource management strategies that meet emerging workforce challenges. This workshop builds on the best evidence available about retirement plans, career patterns, and work expectations in a rapidly aging workforce.
The workshop will provide participants with a clear understanding of the practical steps they can take to minimize human capital risks and maximize opportunities in the labour market of 2015 – a labour market that could look very different than today if the emerging trend toward delayed retirement accelerates.
This interactive workshop will provide opportunities for shared learning and active participation. Discussions and practical examples will focus on the following challenges employers face:
-Effective strategies for retaining or recruiting older workers.
-Identifying and meeting learning and development needs of older workers.
-Performance management among older workers.
-Flexible HR policies and programs that meet the needs of older and younger workers.
-How older workers can become coaches and mentors.
-Knowledge management and succession planning.
-Developing the next generation of leaders.
-Age differences in work values and job expectations.

Leading the ‘healthy organization’ adventure

Keynote at the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators annual conference, “The Leadership Safari: Building Trust and Relationships.” May 24-26, Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton. See for more information.
Visionary leadership and decisive action—that’s what it takes for an organization to become truly healthy and productive. This session will help leaders to:
•choose from the bewildering array of organizational change style safaris
•plan what’s best for their organizations
•rally others to join them for the adventure
Gain insights into the journey. Follow an itinerary for success and watch for potential pitfalls. Obtain a clearer understanding of how you can provide quality leadership, a compelling vision, and opportunities for your team to learn and participate. Explore how creating a productive organization depends most of all on healthy relationships that enable us to work together effectively.

Shaping the Future Workforce and Workplace

Keynote talk at the What Works Alberta Conference 2004, Building a Skilled Labour Force. Edmonton, February 18, 2004.

Shaping the kind of workforce and workplaces Alberta will need in 2014 requires labour market stakeholders to collaborate on creative policies and programs. Dr. Lowe provides a starting point for this collaboration by outlining how major social, economic, demographic and organizational pressures require innovative approaches to workforce and workplace renewal. He will argue that building a skilled labour force in Alberta depends on having a compelling vision of the kind of workplace that will support high skills and high performance. Dr. Lowe will challenge you to create that vision and to think about how you can achieve it.
This conference is sponsored by Alberta Human Resources and Employment and Human Resources Development Canada.

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Learning to Nurture Talent in Turbulent Times

Keynote presentation at "What Works: A Two-Day Forum of Employer Leading Practices," hosted by the York Region It’s All Here Initiative and the York South Simcoe Training & Adjustment Board. This 2-day forum focuses on sharing employer leading practices in recruiting, retaining and developing skilled workers. A variety of employer representatives will provide critical information on successful strategies. The forum features a series of panels and interactive sessions to encourage shared learning.
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