Healthy Organization Assessment©

This short questionnaire will help you to assess where your organization is on a healthy trajectory. It is based on the healthy organization model presented in Graham Lowe's book, CREATING HEALTHY ORGANIZATIONS. The questions focus on the four building blocks of a healthy organization - vibrant workplaces, inspired employees, inclusive leadership, and positive culture - and the concept of sustainable success.  Use your answers to stimulate discussion with co-workers and to plan your next steps for moving further down a healthy organization path.  
Provide your email address at the end of the questionnaire to receive your responses.  A brief description of how to use the results for healthy organization change is provided after you submit your answers.

To what extent do you disagree or agree that each of these statements describes your organization:
                                         1 = Strongly disagree
                                         2 = Disagree
                                         3 = Neither agree nor disagree
                                         4 = Agree
                                         5 = Strongly agree
Vibrant Workplace:

1. Employees are empowered to be innovative in their jobs.


2. Working relationships are based on mutual respect.


3. Employees are supported to learn and to develop their abilities.


4. Employee contributions are valued and recognized.


5. Managers believe that employee well-being is a key to performance.


Inspired Employees:

6. Employees actively collaborate in the interests of customers or clients.


7. Employees seek opportunities to contribute their skills and abilities.


8. Employees are passionate about meeting customer or client needs.


9. Employees do their work with enthusiasm.


10. Employees feel they have a personal stake in the future of the organization.


Inclusive Leadership:

11. Managers encourage employees to take initiative.


12. Employees are able to improve their immediate work environment.


13. Employees have opportunities to contribute to creating a better workplace.


14. Employees feel responsible for living the values of the organization.


15. Employees are trusted to do what is best for customers or clients.


Positive Culture:

16. The organization has strong people-focused values.


17. Employees know and personally identify with the values of the organization.


18. Supervisors are selected based on their people skills.


19. Employees are involved in planning and implementing change.


20. There is a sense of community in the workplace.


Sustainable Success:

21. The organization supports community causes and employee volunteering.


22. Clear ethical principles guide relationships with community stakeholders.


23. The organization acts in environmentally responsible ways.


24. The organization has a long-range plan for renewing its workforce.


25. Managers demonstrate responsible business practices.


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