Designing Work to Improve Well-being and Performance

I will be presenting a talk on “Designing Work to Improve Well-being and Performance” at the Conference Board’s Council on Workplace Health and Wellness in Vancouver, May 25, 2017

The talk is based on my new book, with Frank Graves, Redesigning Work. Here is a description of the talk:

Canadians’ quality of life is above average compared with other nations, yet we have the potential to do better. For this to happen, we must connect the quality of work with the overall quality of life. Evidence presented in my new book (with Frank Graves), Redesigning Work, show rising levels of job stress, work-life conflict and job dissatisfaction among Canadians over the past decade. These work problems detract from a person’s quality of life, as well as from their job performance. In this presentation, I will explore how modest changes in people’s jobs and workplaces – changes that reflect what they want and need – will improve overall well-being, raise work engagement levels and result in a more innovative, collaborative and effective workforce.