Healthy workplace strategies

Keynote presentation at "Organizational Health and It’s Connection to Workplace Health and Productivity Management". Conference sponsored by Connex Health Consulting and the Institute for Health and Productivity Management. Pillar and Post Hotel, Niagara on the Lake, March 3-4, 2005.
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Healthy Workplace Strategies

Healthy Workplace Strategies: Creating Change and Achieving Results.
Healthy jobs and workplaces benefit workers and employers, customers and shareholders, citizens and society. This report focuses on the organizational change processes, strategies and tactics that can bring about healthier and more productive working conditions. The report offers an action model for achieving healthy organizations. The model highlights the importance of establishing enabling conditions in order to make the organization change-ready, then designing a process that engages all stakeholders in actively shaping a healthy workplace. The report offers practical ideas, examples and tools to help generate healthy workplace actions.
This report is available in both English and French.

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