Riding the Age Wave: Designing People Strategies for an Aging Workforce

The aging workforce and retirement of the Baby Boom Generation has been on the radar screen of senior managers for the last decade. Yet despite knowing this age wave is coming, relatively few organizations are ready to respond with creative human resource management strategies that meet emerging workforce challenges. This workshop builds on the best evidence available about retirement plans, career patterns, and work expectations in a rapidly aging workforce.
The workshop will provide participants with a clear understanding of the practical steps they can take to minimize human capital risks and maximize opportunities in the labour market of 2015 – a labour market that could look very different than today if the emerging trend toward delayed retirement accelerates.
This interactive workshop will provide opportunities for shared learning and active participation. Discussions and practical examples will focus on the following challenges employers face:
-Effective strategies for retaining or recruiting older workers.
-Identifying and meeting learning and development needs of older workers.
-Performance management among older workers.
-Flexible HR policies and programs that meet the needs of older and younger workers.
-How older workers can become coaches and mentors.
-Knowledge management and succession planning.
-Developing the next generation of leaders.
-Age differences in work values and job expectations.