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Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe

Creating Healthy Organizations Graham's new book describes how to strengthen the links between people and performance.

Creating Healthy Organizations The Wellness Dividend

How employers can improve employees health and productivity.

Author Graham Lowe's keynote talk on How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees

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News from March 2005

Upcoming HWW Management Forums
(Mar. 30 '05)
Health Work and Wellness one-day workshops in Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax
Employers risk flood of claims over work stress
(Mar. 29 '05)
Employers are in danger of being overwhelmed by a flood of compensation claims because they are failing to introduce measures to combat stress in the workplace, according to a study published today.
Many women in America would love to be the "IT" girl.
(Mar. 28 '05)
A research team found time-management issues and job and home stressors are a primary reason women choose to leave the IT (Information Technology) field.
Aging Boomers And The Need For Critical Talent
(Mar. 24 '05)
A recent report describes the forthcoming competition for talent as the baby boom generation retires.
Recent changes in the labour market
(Mar. 24 '05)
Labour demand since 2000 has been the reverse of the 1990s, shifting from high-tech to housing and resources, according to a new study of changes in Canada's labour market.
Mandatory Retirement for Faculty and Librarians at Univeristy of Toronto
(Mar. 23 '05)
Hailing it as a landmark agreement, the University of Toronto and the University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) announced that they have reached a tentative agreement to end mandatory retirement at age 65 for faculty and librarians.
One-third say they face high job stress
(Mar. 22 '05)
One in three American workers is chronically overworked, with job-related stress varying significantly by age, employment situation and demands at home, a recent survey found.
New Study on Job Stress Link to Coronary Events
(Mar. 21 '05)
Psychosocial characteristics have been linked to coronary heart disease.
Protecting Canada's Vulnerable Workers
(Mar. 21 '05)
A growing proportion of Canadian workers are finding themselves without the basic protections other workers take for granted, according to two new studies from Canadian Policy Research Networks.
Tips for dealing with job stress from the Heart and Stroke Foundation
(Mar. 7 '05)
Dr. Brian Baker, spokesperson for the Heart And Stroke Foundation, offers advice on how to identify and reduce high levels of job stress.
Work stress can give women diabetes
(Mar. 7 '05)
A Swedish researcher has concluded that women who experience stress and a lack of control over their situation at work risk developing diabetes.