Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe

Creating Healthy Organizations Graham's new book describes how to strengthen the links between people and performance.

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A customized workshop to meet your organization's learning and development goals.

Author Graham Lowe's keynote talk on How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees

Watch Graham Lowe's talk at the 2014 ComCare National Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Author Graham Lowe on Creating Healthy Organizations

Graham Lowe talks with Canadian HR Reporter TV's Amanda Silliker about why it's important to have a healthy organization and how employers can build one.

News from March 2006

Stress and lack of support behind sick building syndrome
(Mar. 28 '06)
A new report published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine magazine found that high job demands and low levels of support in the workplace are the actual cause of sick building syndrome - not the building itself.