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Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe

Creating Healthy Organizations Graham's new book describes how to strengthen the links between people and performance.

Creating Healthy Organizations The Wellness Dividend

How employers can improve employees health and productivity.

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21st Century Job Quality: Achieving What Canadians Want (Sep. 3 '07)
by Graham Lowe
This new study, published by Canadian Policy Research Networks, is urging employers and governments to focus on job quality as a means to recruit and retain the workers needed for Canada's future prosperity. In 21st Century Job Quality: Achieving…
A Framework for Public Reporting on Healthy Work Environments in Ontario Healthcare Settings (Mar. 26 '10)
by Graham Lowe
The purpose of this report is to inform the development of a comprehensive framework for assessing and publicly reporting the quality of work environments in Ontario’s healthcare organizations. The report synthesizes relevant research on healthy…
Bridging the Generations: Redesigning Workplaces to Prosper From an Aging Workforce (Apr. 28 '14)
by Graham Lowe
The Graham Lowe Group and EKOS Research Associates are pleased to announce the release of Bridging the Generations: Redesigning Workplaces to Prosper from an Aging Workforce. Written by Graham Lowe, the report breaks new ground by using multi-year…
Coordinated Action Agenda for Healthy Workplaces and Supporting Evidence (Nov. 16 '07)
by Canadian Healthy Workplace Council
The Canadian Healthy Workplace Council is calling for a coordinated action agenda to create healthy workplaces. Recognizing that a critical mass of governments, organizations and workplace health practitioners are pursuing healthy workplace…
Creating a Quality Work Environment: Survey Results (Sep. 9 '06)
by Graham Lowe
Creating a Quality Work Environment RESULTS FROM THE HSAA 2006 WORK ENVIRONMENT SURVEY The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) conducted a Work Environment Survey to provide new evidence that can be used constructively to improve the…
Creating Healthy Health Care Workplaces in British Columbia: Evidence for Action (Nov. 24 '06)
by Graham Lowe
Creating Healthy Health Care Workplaces in British Columbia: Evidence for Action. A DISCUSSION PAPER Prepared for the Provincial Health Services Authority. KEY MESSAGES There is a business case for investing in healthier work…
Creating High-Quality Health Care Workplaces (Jan. 1 '02)
by M. Koehoorn, G. S. Lowe, K. V. Rondeau, G. Schellenberg and T. H. Wagar
Health human resources have emerged as a top priority for research and action. This paper echoes calls for a fundamentally new approach to the people side of the health care system – treating employees as assets that need to be nurtured rather…
Creating Sustainable Organizations: How Flexible Work Improves Wellbeing and Performance (Nov. 29 '10)
by Graham Lowe
American Express Company and FlexPaths, LLC have published a report, Creating Sustainable Organizations, that provides innovative insights to creating an integrated approach to workplace health promotion, flexible work arrangements and employee…
Culture audit report (Jan. 18 '12)
by Graham Lowe
Graham Lowe Group's culture audit report and recommendations of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre's dialysis unit is made public by PRHC.
Employer of Choice: Workplace Innovation in Government. (Jan. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe
Canada’s governments want to become "employers of choice." Many are striving to be more flexible, knowledge-intensive and learning-based. Reaching these goals will require nothing short of a bold new human resource strategy that can…
Healthy Workplace Strategies (Jan. 15 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
Healthy Workplace Strategies: Creating Change and Achieving Results. Healthy jobs and workplaces benefit workers and employers, customers and shareholders, citizens and society. This report focuses on the organizational change processes,…
Healthy Workplaces and Productivity (Apr. 14 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
This paper examines two health issues of crucial importance to practitioners and policy makers: the work environment and organizational factors that positively influence workers’ health and well-being, and the relationship between healthy…
Literacy Utilization in Canadian Workplaces (Aug. 1 '98)
by Harvey Krahn and Graham S. Lowe
Adults with limited literacy skills have long been a cause for concern since such individuals have difficulty coping in a complex society. However, the focus of debate regarding the adult literacy "problem" has shifted as concerns about…
Making a measurable difference: evaluating quality of work life interventions (Mar. 1 '06)
by Graham S. Lowe
Across the country, nurses and other front-line health system workers are taking actions to improve the quality of their work environment. A high quality work environment is being accepted, albeit slowly, as a prerequisite for building the human…
Men's and Women's Quality of Work in the New Canadian Economy (Feb. 21 '03)
by Karen Hughes, Graham S. Lowe and Grant Schellenberg
Despite much debate and commentary on the emerging knowledge economy in Canada and other industrialized countries, there has been little in-depth analysis of how gender issues are playing out in the process of economic and workplace change.…
People & Performance: Building Alberta’s Future Construction Workforce (Jul. 9 '09)
by Graham Lowe
People & Performance: Building Alberta’s Future Construction Workforce is a discussion paper on how the global construction sector is addressing workforce development issues. It makes recommendations for how building trades unions, contractors,…
Report on the National Roundtable on Learning (Jun. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe
Participants at the National Roundtable on Learning, convened by Canadian Policy Research Networks on behalf of Human Resources Development Canada, proposed a Vision for Learning as a way to address the widely expressed concern at the Roundtable…
The Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Human Capital Performance (Sep. 20 '12)
by Graham Lowe
The Ontario Hospital Association has published this report, which summarizes findings from the OHA exploratory research project conducted with three pilot hospitals (one acute teaching, one community, and one small). The project examines the…
The Wellness Dividend: How Employers Can Improve Employee Health and Productivity (Apr. 9 '14)
by Graham Lowe
The Wellness Dividend, a new report by workplace expert Graham Lowe, provides employers and benefits consultants with a state-of-the-art, evidence-based overview of why investing in employee wellness makes sense. Also provided are practical insights…
Under Pressure: Implications of Work-Life Balance and Job Stress (Apr. 4 '07)
by Graham Lowe
This report presents new findings from two national surveys, one of employers and the other of workers, on work-life balance and job stress. The report discusses the implications of these issues for employers and points to actions they can take to…
What's a Good Job? The Importance of Employment Relationships. (Mar. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe and Grant Schellenberg
This report presents key findings, and practical implications, from Canadian Policy Research Network's 'Changing Employment Relationships' project.
Workshop on Quality of Worklife Indicators for Canadian Nurses (Jun. 1 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) convened in 2002 a national workshop in Ottawa to develop quality of worklife indicators for nurses in Canada. Using a collaborative, consensus-building process the workshop actively engaged participants in…