Strategies to Strengthen the People, Performance, and Quality Chain

Session presentation by Graham Lowe at Health Achieve 2009. Tuesday November 17 2009 – 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 205 D
Rob Devitt
President & CEO
Toronto East General Hospital
Achieving High Quality, Performance and Engagement
Evidence shows there is a direct link between effective health care and a healthy health care workplace. Implementing healthy work environments is key to ensuring quality patient care.
Dr. Graham Lowe will discuss how innovation and sustainability in health care depend on better leveraging the dynamics of quality in all components of the system – especially work environments. Drawing on evidence and successful practices, Graham presents strategies to strengthen the people performance-quality chain .
In addition, OHA Organizational and Workplace Health Consultant, Cheryl Woodman will overview the new OHA-NRC Picker Canada employee and physician experience surveys.
Finally, a panel of health care work environment leaders will highlight their strategies to improve quality, performance and engagement at their organizations.
Welcome and Opening
Rob Devitt
Strategies to Strengthen the People, Performance, and Quality Chain
Dr. Graham Lowe
The Graham Lowe Group Inc.
and Professor Emeritus
University of Alberta
New! OHA – NRC Picker Employee and Physician Experience Program
Cheryl Woodman
OHA Organizational Health
Quality and Quality Measurement in the Health Care Workplace
Siamak Tenzif
Quality Measurement Consultant
Ontario Health Quality Council
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