Creating Healthy Organizations
by Graham S. Lowe

Creating Healthy Organizations describes how to strengthen the links between people and performance. Author Graham Lowe provides a new perspective on the drivers of organizational performance by integrating insights from workplace health promotion, human resources, organizational change and leadership, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility. The book’s practical tools will help managers and employees create vibrant workplaces as a basis for sustainable success.


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Work, Industry and Canadian Society (7th Edition)
By Harvey J. Krahn, Karen Hughes and Graham S. Lowe.
Published by Nelson Education, 2015.

How do individual, societal, national, and global issues shape the world of work?

Work, Industry and Canadian Society examines how individual, societal, national and global issues shape a central human activity — work. The world of work continues to change rapidly, and this edition covers the most recent trends and statistics. The authors are well regarded for their teaching and research, and their years of experience are evident in this comprehensive volume on the past, present and future of work in Canada.

This 540 page textbook offers a comprehensive sociological analysis of the changing world of paid work in Canada and the global economy, combining a detailed discussion of employment trends and research findings with a critical assessment of diverse theoretical perspectives from sociology and related disciplines.

This textbook is designed for courses in the following areas: Sociology of work, labour markets, occupations, organizations; industrial sociology; labour studies; industrial relations; stratification. It also is a handy reference for anyone interested in work and labour market issues.

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The Quality of Work: A People Centred Agenda
by Graham S. Lowe

In The Quality of Work: A People-Centred Agenda, Graham Lowe, argues that debates about the future of work have focused too narrowly on the quantity of jobs available. As important as job creation is, he says, we also need to think seriously about the quality of the work we create. Lowe proposes that an agenda centred on work quality is essential if we want to ensure Canada’s continued viability, both economically and socially. Taking a fact-based look at employment trends and workplace changes, and what we can do about them, Lowe suggests that high-quality work offers a common ground for employers with an eye on productivity and individuals seeking greater challenge and meaning in their work.

“staunchly argued and well researched.” Globe & Mail, Report on Business

The Quality of Work: A People-Centred Agenda is available at finer bookstores or can be ordered directly from the publisher, Oxford University Press.

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