Our Services


The Graham Lowe Group offers research, consulting, and learning and development in these areas of expertise:

  • Healthy organizations
  • Work environments
  • Human capital strategies
  • Employee research (e.g., surveys, focus groups, interviews)
  • Performance indicators
  • Organizational change strategies
  • Workforce analysis and planning

The Graham Lowe Group’s services include:

  • Workplace and workforce research
  • Strategic advising on organizational and policy issues
  • Learning events and resources


We have extensive expertise in a wide range of workforce and employee research.This includes labour market studies, worker attitudes and behaviour, education and training outcomes, and future work trends. It also includes policy-oriented research for governments nationally and internationally, focusing on human resource development and utilization and workplace learning issues. Within organizations, we also have extensive experience conducting consultations and surveys with all groups, from executive leadership teams to front-line employees. In this regard, we offer secure internet-based employee survey capabilities. We also have worked with organizations to develop workforce demographic profiles, needs assessments, and healthy work environment diagnoses using employers’ administrative databases.


Our strategic consulting services help to align an organization’s people practices with its business plans. Prominent among the issues we address are employee recruitment, development and retention, and responses to baby-boomer retirements. A major focus is enabling organizations to track progress on people practices and performance in an integrated way. Consulting advice can be tailored to organizational leaders, line managers, or professionals in human resources, occupational health and safety, organizational development, and learning and training functions. The Graham Lowe Group also offers clients advice on how research insights can inform their strategic directions.


We also specialize in creating learning and leadership development events on workforce and workplace issues. We have collaborated with a wide range of organizations to run workshops and seminars focusing on how they can create and maintain high quality work environments. These events are designed to provide participants with state-of-the-art ideas about the people challenges they face, spark creative thinking about responses to these challenges, and build on the organization’s existing strengths to improve work environments and support enhanced organizational performance. We specialize in creating customized content and resources to meet clients’ learning goals. Our President, Graham Lowe, is a frequent conference speaker on work-related topics.

Read the Wellness Dividend
Read The Wellness Dividend



The Graham Lowe Group provides clients with practical, customized strategies and tools for managing the unique workforce and workplace challenges they face. This way, solutions best fit a client’s context and meet their exact needs.

All of our services are customized to meet the unique current and future needs of clients. We design our services to build the internal capacity that a client requires to continuously improve work environments and organizational performance.

In all our activities, we also strive to promote the values of fairness and equity, dignity and respect, and social responsibility. Our vision is of a sustainable economy in which the overall quality of life is enhanced by innovative workplace practices.