Work Environment e-newsletter. October 2017

Work Environment
October 2017

Here is an update on my research with NRC Health and Ontario hospitals.

My article entitled Are Hospital Employees’ Work Experience and Patient Experience Related? was published today in Longwoods eLetter.

The key finding: The more engaged employees are, the more positively they rate their hospital as a place to work, the more they trust their organization, the higher the perceived quality of patient care delivered by their unit, and the more they consider their work environment to be ‘patient centred’, the more likely it is that inpatients would recommend the hospital to family or friends and highly rate the quality of care they received.

I will be presenting an interactive 60 minute Webinar on this topic, sponsored by NRC Health:
Thursday, November 2 | 11:00 AM ET

Many hospitals have taken steps to cultivate a highly-engaged workforce, expecting that higher engagement translates into better patient care. While there is an abundance of evidence from other industries that engaged employees perform their jobs better, there is far less attention to this engagement – performance link in healthcare.
• Understand how different indicators of employee engagement relate to each other.
• Discover the relationship between levels of employee engagement and patient reported experience
• Learn the science behind correlating employee experience items to a global rating question.

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